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Sarah Levison for Mayor

I will help Longmont continue to welcome new businesses and high paying jobs. I will balance new development with and preserve the character of our established neighborhoods. I will ensure Longmont will grow and yet maintain a unique, resilient community while at the same time sustaining and respecting our natural environment.

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Longmont Mayor


"Levison served on the city council 2 terms, 2007 and 2011.  She offers a strong voice for the areas covered in the Sustainability Plan.  She also supports moving Longmont to 100% renewable energy and will work with other communities to achieve this goal."

- Sierra Club


"We believe that Levison is the best person to lead the Longmont Council as it confronts the important and complicated issues of an invading oil and gas industry; the environmental impacts of future growth and water needs; protecting Longmont’s cultural and economic diversity by addressing affordable housing and childcare, all while maintaining and expanding Longmont’s current economic growth and positive small business environment."

- Boulder Weekly

Community Support for Sarah


"Sarah may do more in two years than any other mayor we've ever had. "
- Paul Tiger
"We found Sarah Levison to be a council person who was deeply concerned with the well-being of Longmont’s veteran population."

-Mary Ann Wilner and Judy Nogg


"I’m voting for Sarah Levison because she is intelligent enough to understand the dangers of fracking, she tells us honestly and consistently what she believes, she believes that the voters were right to opposing all fracking, and she is committed to finding creative new ways to carry out the will of the voters."

-Ira Chernus


"I am confident Ms. Levison, a 20-year resident of Longmont, has the knowledge, ability and desire to see to it that Longmont will remain a safe and welcoming location for new residents and businesses as well as to provide for the current population. I urge the citizens of Longmont to elect her to be our next mayor.

-Hugh Haskell

Sarah attending Longmont's first Hackathon.

Sarah attending Longmont's first Hackathon.


  • Promoted Longmont's first Hackathon which resulted in the creation of the Tinkermill, our first maker space and tech business incubator.

  • Created RISE, the city's successful anti poverty program.

Sarah serving as City Council representative.

Sarah serving as City Council representative.


  • Served 8 years on city council.
  • Elected and appointed to state and national policy boards.
  • Prior to city council, served on the Economic Vitality Taskforce, Museum board, and as neighborhood Leader for the Historic Eastside Neighborhood.
Sarah at the opening of Sandstone Ranch.

Sarah at the opening of Sandstone Ranch.


  • Passed the city's first oil and gas regulations and defended our charter amendment that banned fracking.
  • Initiated the city of Longmont summer lunch program.
  • Brought new early childhood education resources and training programs to the city.